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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

September 28, 1975 - Pat Boone

Here's a 20 minute clip from the September 28, 1975 show featuring Pat Boone as Spotlight Artist of the evening.
I have replaced "To The Aisle" by the Five Satins with a modern digital copy because there was CB interference on the original recording. It is one of my favorite doo-wop songs of the era and I thought it was too pretty not to hear uninterrupted.
I had to speed it up by about 5% to match the recorded version on tape. I'm not sure if the recording was too slow or my playback machine is too fast, but that's one thing I don't miss about analog recording!
(It does make me wonder what the original tempos of these songs were, being that they were ALL recorded on analog equipment.)

This clip also features Bo Diddley, Jimmie Rodgers, The Nightcaps (which I have also updated) and the Animals. Tune in for part two tomorrow!

Click here to listen!

More info on the Cruisin' 1957 album that Bud plays.

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